Tuesday, April 28, 2015

CarbBusting at Restaurants

    One of the biggest challenges you have as a CarbBuster is managing restaurants. Wither you’re managing Type 2 Diabetes or working to drop a few pounds, restaurants will be your challenge. However, don’t fear, with just a little will-power and basic CarbBusting tactics you can leave restaurants guilt free. Even more important, your nutrition goals will still be intact. You will leave the restaurant with the same confidence and enthusiasm as Rocky had as he reached the top of his climb. Let’s step into the ring.

    Let’s put together a strategy for managing the ring with 7 easy steps;    
  1.  Main course is usually a meat or fish product. These are all good. The only caution is watch the sauces they use or the batter. A chicken breast fried in breading can go for 20 carbs or more. You can’t go wrong with grilled. Steak is the perfect food with the exception of the price you pay. The main course with meat or fish should be a perfect 0 carb choice.
  2. A house salad is always a great way to go. Basic greens will never get you into trouble. The caution here is in the dressing. Ask for it on the side and use it sparingly. If you do it right the salad will come in at about 10 carbs.
  3. Vegetables need a little more thought; green beans, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and squash will come in at 3 to 5 carbs. But avoid french-fries, mashed potatoes or baked potatoes. They can easily register 50 or more carbs.  Also, corn can tip the scales. Make a good choice when it comes to vegetables.
  4.  Fruits can be pretty dangerous, many are almost pure sugar and need to be avoided; apples, bananas, pineapple and the melons can easily be over 20 grams. Either say no or limit the portion.
  5. Beverages are very straight forward; avoid the soft drinks with sugar, go for diet. Coffee and tea can be great, just watch if you add creamer or sweetener. A lite beer like Michelob Ultra will come in at 3 grams. Ladies, great news if you’re a wine connoisseur, it comes in low at about 4 to 5 carbs per 5 ounce glass. However, avoid the juices like apple or orange juice.
  6. Bread is a real problem; don’t put your guard down, a couple of dinner rolls will roll over 50 grams and can approach 80 grabs carbs. Anything over ½ dinner rolls will show on the waistline later.
  7. With desert it’s time for a 1 to 2 punch, not much on the menu that will be low carb. If you can’t say no be romantic and share with your significant other to limit it to ¼ serving.

CarbBusting 1 2 Punch

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