Saturday, May 16, 2015

All American Hotdog

All American Hot Dog
    So, this morning when I headed to the grocery store I really wanted to pick up hot dogs for lunch. However, previous research had me cut them out of my diet because, the "All American Hot Dog" served the old fashion way, just plan has to many carbs. Do the math for yourself; cheaper hot dogs with fillers have 6-8 carbs, bun adds 26 carbs and the ketchup adds another 8-10, putting the "All American Hot Dog" over 40 grams carbohydrates. 
    Today, I found out you can have a "Low Carb All American Hot Dog Lunch"; in my opinion it should be considered the new and improved. Come on in and check it out!

Improve All American Hot Dog Lunch
     First, you have to buy the right hot dog. Premium all meat; beef, turkey or chicken, has only 1 carb per dog. That's a good start. Then add the deli cheese of your choice, that comes free of carbs. Skip the ketchup, bad news, ketchup is mostly sugars. Go for mustard, it is a prefect topping, zero carbs. 
    Let the dog hit the microwave for a few seconds and roll it all together in half of a low carb, high dietary fiber wrap like the Mission wraps in the photo. The half wrap has only 3 net carbs. Awesome way to skip the high carbohydrate hot dog bun, besides the bun always falls apart, making a mess of finger foods. Wraps like this make a perfect manageable sandwich, but make sure you get the wraps with low net carb numbers. Some wraps can be bad news. You can't taste the difference.
   Now turn it into a lunch. Add a pickle, just because they make a great finger food and are just as all american as the hot dog; "All American Pickle". Pickles are about 1 carb, no problem there. Add a hand full of pork rinds for chips, they're carb free also. For something with a sweet taste add the zero carb jello. You have the perfect lunch. 
Bacon makes the
All American Hot Dog
    Well almost perfect. If I haven't won you over yet I guess I can share the secret ingredient to the "Perfect All American Hot Dog". Bacon makes almost everything perfect. Just put a couple of slices in the microwave and roll them in with the hot dogs. You get to add the bacon without adding more carbs to you're "Perfect All American Hot Dog Lunch". 
    There you have it; my "Low Carb All American Hot Dog Lunch". The final tally comes in with less than 10 carbs for the whole lunch. Awesome / Enjoy!

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