Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cut the Cheese

Low Carbohydrate Foods
Deli Cheese
    Need another 5 Star food option? This one is perfect for low carb diets or blood sugar control. It is a perfect near zero carb food, often used on top of something, in something or as a snack all by itself. I use it as a bread substitute for my turkey snack sandwiches. Individual servings are perfect as a finger food to drop in a lunch box. It’s packaged in all sorts of ways and comes at a reasonable cost. You need to check this one out.

    Deli Cheese, No - not processed cheese and spread between 2 sheets of plastic or compressed into a can, real honest to goodness deli cheese products are a perfect low carb food. Deli cheese, packaged in individual sticks is perfect for a lunch box. Even better, use deli cheese slices to replace that high carb bread on a sandwich. Also, deli cheese is great shredded and tossed on a salad, egg or omelet. It comes in all sorts of types, Cheddar, Colby-jack, Mozzarella and more. What's your favorite cheese product?
    From a nutrition stand-point you can’t go wrong, only 80 calories per serving and 0 carbs. Yes 0 carbs and 0 sugars, perfect for a carb control diabetic meal plan. When you check out the scorecard on Deli Cheese you will also notice it provides 15% of your daily calcium requirements and 5 g of protein, making it great for seniors and youngsters.
    Click over to the 5 Star page to check out Deli Cheese products and other great low carb foods. 
     This is one you need to add to that grocery list.

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