5 Star

     When you just have to have a snack, you need to have some of the following items in your pantry or the refrigerator. The items listed below are classified as 5 Star because they come in at 5 or less carbs per serving. You can use them as fall back items when your diet plan or blood sugar control plan is falling apart and you got to have a snack to get through.  
    Just like superstars in sports these can be your go to players when your day starts to come apart at the seams, along with your pants and you have to have a snack.
    Stock up today, they won't let you down!

Deli Cheese, comes in many great flavors and is the perfect finger food.
Check these great stats. 

Nutrition Data For Deli Cheese Products
Incredible Edible Egg, a great alternative for those that don't need to watch their cholesterol to close. If you do need to follow your cholesterol you can go with the egg whites in the carton. You drop the half the calories, all the cholesterol and unfortunately the vitamins when you go to egg whites. Either is a great way to to make a quick country breakfast. 

Nutrition Data For Eggs

Pork Skins, the perfect; Potato Chip, Taco Chip, Pretzel or Corn Chip Alternative.

Nutritional Data for Pork Skins

Pecans are a great snack and when you subtract the Dietary Fiber they are only 1 carbohydrate. 

Nutritional Data for Pecans

Sugar Free Gelatin / Jello, the snack that wiggles.

Nutritional Data for Sugar Free Jello

Kosher Dill Pickles, not only for someone who is pregnant.

Nutritional Data for Kosher Dill Pickle

    Please step up and help the blog community by share your 5 Star go to players in a post. I'd like to send you a MyCarbBuster.com coffee mug for helping our blogging community.  

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