Know Your BMI - Body Mass Index

    Setting realistic goals is the first step you need to start your lifestyle change. For my weight control I've elected to go to the optimal BMI (Body Mass Index). Not because of the lower risk for health problems and it's the right thing to do. Because, when I run a marathon I don't want to carry anything extra along for the 26.2 miles. It's truly amazing how much better you'll feel after your drop your first 25 lbs.
    When I go across the line on the BMI chart with by height of 5'9" and find the target BMI of 21 my goal is 145 lbs. Currently, I'm at 152 lbs. and plan to reach the goal weight of 145 lbs. My plan is maintaining a carb intake of 90 to 100 grams per day. This has been giving me about a 1 lb. to 3 lbs. per month weight loss.
    A little more than 1 year ago I was 175 lbs. and about 4 years ago I reached 205 lbs.  When the doctor told me I had become a diabetic, I knew it was time to do something.
    I wouldn't recommend going much faster than that.  However, the first lbs. come off much easier than the last few. The key to my success has come from holding firm to my carb intake level and lots of exercise. Figure out what works for you.
    It's time to set your goal and get going. Once you have picked the right number set the diet plan into action with regular exercise and limited carb intake. It works! Oh ya! Don't forget to share your progress with our weight losing blogging community by sharing your success in a comment.
    You can do it.

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