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     We want to take a moment and thank you for stopping by Blog is a brainchild from a Continuous Improvement Project for a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Going forward it is referred to as The Project. This may not mean much to you but it is important to note that at the core of Blog is a scientific approach to testing and improving how we live. 
    The hypothesis for The Project was based on this fundamental principle; when facing pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, if we can control our carbohydrate intake, we can control blood sugar levels. The bonus outcome is dramatic weight loss and the beginning of a new and exciting life style.
Please use information provided by our blog through posts, the project, tips, scorecards, data walls and our community to improve and enhance your life style.
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    A note of caution – Always confer with your physician before making any changes in your health plan. This is especially important if it involves your medication.

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Why MyCarbBuster actually started 5 years ago as a result of my mother insisting I setup a wellness visit with my family practice physician. Amazing what moms can get you to do even when you’re 56 years old and no I was not living with her at the time. Weighing 205 lbs. at 5’9” and a blood sugar level of 112 ml/dL (pre-diabetic) my doctor said it was time to take action. 
    First thoughts were, drop the soda’s and candy bars, add some walking for exercise and things would be fine. After 6 months with this simple plan I went back and was 195 lbs. and had a blood sugar level of 127 ml/dL (diabetic).
Clearly, I missed the target and my doctor told me so. We agreed to hold off on medication and give me time to work on my life style choices. Doing my research on pre-diabetes I learned more about the direct link to carbs and how much effect carbohydrates can have on your weight.  Over the next 3 years cutting back on the carbohydrate intake and add some running brought my weight down to 175 lbs. However, still was unable to consistently control my blood sugar below the pre-diabetic level.
    This is the point a project opportunity came up. Needing a data driven process improvement project for a Green Belt class controlling blood sugars levels provided the ideal project and the perfect test subject (me). After 5 months of analysis on blood sugar control my weight is down to 150 lbs. (almost ideal) and my blood sugar levels are consistently below 100 ml/dL. My last A1C was at 5.3 percent putting me below pre-diabetic levels.
    Please let me share The Project with you along with all the tools and supporting information I have developed along the way. I will be posting the 5 current phases of the project over the next few weeks to give you some insight in what I learned. 
    I also hope to share information on food choices alternatives with a score cards and weekly tips as continuous process improvement. Most of all we can come together as a bloggers community and provide support, encouragement and usable information to help each of us live an active and exciting lifestyle for many years to come.

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About Your Author & Facilitator 

    By trade John is a proven Process Consultant that facilitates improvement events for organizations that want to take a bite out of organizational waste. John's specialty is process development and improvement utilizing lean tools. His Lean Toolbox includes; value stream mapping & management, facilitating Kaizen events, 3P Pre-Production Planning, Establish CPI Continuous Process Improvement Culture, Utilizing A3 Method for problem solving, Visual Workplace Management, Data Walls, Establishing Gemba, and developing inventory management processes including setting par levels & kanban systems. 
    Along with the Lean Tools is a solid background with Six Sigma Green Belt from Georgia Tech University and Black Belt work with University of Oklahoma. Educational background includes BS Mechanical Engineering Technology - Kansas State University and MS Industrial Engineering - University of Oklahoma. Work experience includes; John Deere, AMFAC, Western Electric, AT&T, LUCENT Technologies, AO Safety, MIDCON Property Management, Standard Aero, US Air Force and INTEGRIS Health. 
    Special recognition awards received in process development and process improvement including; Numerous Team Excellence Awards while working for INTEGRIS Health as a lean consultant facilitating projects (ISMC Hospital Throughput, 10th Floor Load Leveling, PCCU Survey Team and Door-To-Balloon). Also, the ISMC Hospital Board of Director's award "You Make a Difference.
    While with LUCENT Technologies John was appointed "Distinguished Member of Technical Staff". His most notable work there was supporting and developing manual and automated storeroom operations. Also, numerous projects related to getting ISO certification for the factory with focus around development of a sustainable preventative maintenance program.
    His highest achievement was receiving AT&T's "Technical - Professional of the Year". This come out of work for "dock to shop", express kitting operations and work with automated guided vehicles.
    For fun John enjoys Marathon Running, woodworking, gardening, and coaching. For his coaching efforts he was awarded USYSA Youth Soccer Coach of the year from his state association.
    John is now applying his Lean Toolbox to helping you create a new and exciting Lifestyle. Wither your just trying to lose weight or control blood sugar levels you will find a great source of information.
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