Data Wall

    Your data wall is the place to go when your ready to celebrate big wins or new the challenge of further improvement. It may be time to change direction or just buckle down and follow an existing plan with some real will power. A good data wall is key to building your battle plan for dieting and blood sugar control.
    The following example is my current A1c data covering 5 months of A1c readings and average monthly glucose reads. Along with weight these will be my main charts going forward.  At this point both are cause for celebration. The solid blue line is tracking actual monthly data points. The broken blue line is the trend line that clearly shows I'm heading in the right direction, let's call this one true north. The dotted red line is the upper limit. With two exceptions my A1c data has been below the upper limit.
    The real eye opener is the weight loss I've achieved with a solid carbohydrate counting plan. In the last 1 1/2 year I've dropped 25 lbs and feeling good about myself. You can to, just set a course and hold to it. For me, it's maintaining carbohydrate levels below 100 grams per day. What's yours?

Data Wall for Monthly A1c Readings

Data Wall for Blood Glucose Readings

Data Wall for Body Weight

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