Kid Zone

When you have to have chocolate!
     Two table spoons of chocolate flavor to lively up a drink doesn't have to break the carb bank. Whether it's for the kid in you or one of your kids needing to back off the carbohydrates there is an alternative.
Hershey's Regular Chocolate Syrup 24 G Carbs with 20 G Sugars
Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Powder 15 G Carbs with 14 Sugars
    Both are a pretty high carb price to pay for 2 table spoons of chocolate flavor.
However, they have a great alternative!
Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup 5 G Carbs with 0 G Sugars     
Nestle Nesquik Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup 7 G Carbs with 3 G Sugars
    Now that you know there is an alternative to high carb chocolate flavoring give it a try.  For either weight loss or blood sugar control these are real winners in the battle for carb control. Remember to drop down and give us a comment on your favorite low carb flavoring. This kid zone tip comes in at 19 G Carbohydrate reduction. Way to go team!

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