Product Scorecards

Product Scorecards: 
    Taking a group of similar products and breakdown the nutrition facts so you can make an informed choice.  Naturally, our preference is pointing out the products with the lowest carbs and sugars to support low carb diet plan and improved blood sugar control. Give them a try.
Miller Lite
Takes Honors

    Round 2 Lite Beer Products. The tasting panel felt they had to come back to sort out the light weight brews, or should we call them Lite Weights. For this round most of the large brewers were represented; Anheuser-Busch with their duo Bud Lite and Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite and Rocky Mountain Coors Lite. This round was a blow out for Miller Lite. Coming in with great numbers in all categories; Low Score from expert tasting panel for best taste, low calorie numbers and low carbohydrate numbers. Miller Lite provided numbers that give it the CarbBuster King of Brews Award. Now we know.

    This scorecard reviews Anheuser-Busch Light Beer Products. Those used for the taste challenge were Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Select 99 and Select 55. As you can see a low carbohydrate beer is a good party alternative. In this case Michelob Ultra came in first by a six panel taste test with only 2.6 g carbohydrates per bottle. Give it try.

    This scorecard reviews milk and the alternatives.  There is a lot of potential to reduce your carb intake if your still bringing home traditional milk. Alternatives come in several flavors that are subtly different than traditional milk. We have nutritional information on whole milk, 2% milk, soy milk, cashew milk, almond coconut blend milk and vanilla flavored almond milk. When you give one of the alternatives a try, make sure to pickup the unsweetened version, with the low calorie label.

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