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    CarbBuster Tips & Tricks Page gives me a chance to share how I developed a clear plan to beat some of my worst eating habits. Each of these are individual battles. These are the things that would crash my dieting and diabetes control plan. It wasn't until I started tracking my daily carbohydrate intake that I could see just how much control these foods had over me. Developing a plan of acceptable alternatives and methods to manage the worst case foods in your diet is a great way to win the war with carbohydrates.
    Many of the alternatives are addressed in the 5 Star Pages or Product Scorecards and I will send you that way whenever possible. However, I feel it is important to understand how these items are used as part of a battle plan. Having a plan on what to do when the high carb urge hits you makes it much easier to counter attack. After a while you automatically choose the alternative.  In a single day this list can save you over 250 g Carbohydrates.
    My Battle Plan
    1.   Milk – You always hear of milk as a perfect food. It doesn't make much difference, using whole milk or skim milk, carbohydrates are still there in high numbers. Processing whole milk to skim milk focuses on fat and not carbs. Milk is very high in sugars. Also, you may not realize a serving of milk is only 8 ounces. What can you do with only 8 ounces? To make a good protein drink I use 16 ounces. If you measure out a glass of chocolate milk or look at the label on the individual milk container you find 2 servings or more. Even at school, most kids grab 2 of the mini cartons.  This is where Vanilla flavored almond milk comes in. You are substituting 3 carbs per drink for something that had 28 carbs or more. That's a big win and the nutritional information notes several other wins. Check out the link to the product scorecard for Milk
    2.   Bread - Bread was a tough one. Growing up a farm boy with a mother that made the best bread in the world I was clearly addicted. At about 24 carbs per roll, per bun or 2 slices of bread it added up quickly. Even today I can't do without it totally, but I only use half a bun or one slice bread and definitely don't grab a second roll. For bread it's a case of 1/2 serving which drops your carb intake from 24 g or 48 g to 12 g carbs.  If you need a top half of the bun your favorite deli cheese can substitute for the top bun. In sum cases deli cheese is both top and bottom. Deli cheese products come in with no carbs and make a great slice of bread alternative. One more cool fact, if you cut the crust off of a slice of bread you drop about half of the carbs. That would take about 12 carbs from your sandwich. Try it!
    3.   Snacks (Cookies) - My favorite was chocolate chip cookies. Regular size chocolate chip cookies are about 20 carbs. By the time you adjust the serving size to the monster cookie I like to make your up to about 60 carbs. My substitute for this is 2 fold. When I'm out for the chocolate I have a mini Hershey nugget. I prefer the special dark chocolate. Need to take small bites because I only get 2 nuggets max per day which comes out to 10 g carbs. For the cookie side I grab a handful of pecans, almonds or walnuts. Nuts are a great snack and they come in at about 4 to 8 g carbs. The reduction is about 45 g carbs per day. Another small battle won.
    4.   French Fries & Chips - French Fries and Chips are foods I just couldn't stop eating. A regular order of french fries is 44 g carbohydrates. Can't image what super-sizing does to that. It took awhile, but I developed a plan to address this high carbohydrate food group. First, at home I have pork skins to replace chips and french fries. You find them in the potato chip section of a grocery store. Pork Skins were an easy alternative to adopt. However, leaving french fries for the substitute side salad at a fast food restaurant took a bit longer. I'm good with a side salad but this was one of my biggest challenges. Most likely, this one will be a challenge to your will power, but you can make the change. Just learn to ask; "Side Salad Substitute Please". 
    5.   Ice Cream - Ice Cream comes in at about 36 carbs per cup. When I got a serving of Ice Cream I was well over a cup and most likely coming in around 50+ carbs per bowl. Drum roll please, the alternative is going to individual servings of low carb Yogurt. Even the grand kids enjoy getting into papa's stash of Yogurt and picking their favorite flavor. Can't blame them with flavors like; Banana Cream Pie, Cool Lime, Coconut, Black Cherry and Blueberry plus many more. I'm good with vanilla but it's nice that you have so many Yogurt flavor choices. This was a big win in my battle plan, with a serving of Dannon Lit & Fit Yogurt coming in at 8 or 9 carbs I'm dropping 30 to 50 from a daily intake. 
Dannon Lit & Fit Greek Low Carb Yogurt 

    6.   Sports Drinks - This is a crazy category that didn't come to light until I started reading labels. In Oklahoma a long run in the summer could be at temperatures easily over 100 degrees.  Sport drinks for hydration and electrolytes is a must have. The thing to remember; the sugar and calories that often come with a sports drink are not a must have. A bottle of regular Powerade will come with over 50 grams of carbohydrates and 200 calories. The question that comes to mind is; what good was the workout if you take in 200 calories while or after your working out? So be smart, look for sports drinks that have 0 carbs and 0 calories like Powerade Zero. You still get the hydration and electrolytes you need just not the sugar. 
Powerade Regular & Zero  Calorie

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